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Here is some great news! You do not need to pay a professional to find out if you are in need of an update or if you can still get some good use out of those old windows. Below are some helpful tips that you can check yourself to see if you need to call Canton Aluminum for your replacement window needs!

1.) Take a walk outside your home and look for peeling paint or chipping paint on your windows. If you do notice either of these things this means that the windows have a seal that is not intact and moisture is getting through. That could be a sign that it is time to replace the existing windows.

2.) Open and close each window in your home to make sure that each window is in proper operating order, check for drafts along the way as well. If you have any windows that cannot stay open without having to manually prop them open or if they just will not open at all, they need to be replaced immediately. This is a very important factor to consider as this could pose a serious safety hazard in the case of a fire or other event in your home which calls for a quick exit.

3.) If you notice that it is hard to relax in your home due to outside noises coming in through your closed windows, take a look into replacing them with new windows and benefit from your new, peaceful surroundings!

After you have taken these three simple steps you should be able to determine rather quickly if you will need to replace your old windows with energy efficient updated windows. The final step is to contact the professionals at Canton Aluminum and allow us to be a part of the next step in making your home perfect for you and your loved ones for decades to come.