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Learn About Window Condensation

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Condensation is visible evidence of excessive moisture in the air.

Condensation may appear as water, frost, or ice on the inside surface of windows and doors.

The Science Behind Condensation

The warmer the air, the more water the air can hold. With this in mind, the air in the center of any given room will hold more water than the air on any outside wall (where there are windows).

When the warm moist air moves toward the cooler window on an outside wall, the moisture-laden air becomes cooler and cannot hold the moisture it held when it was warmer. When moisture-laden air is cooled, it appears as water on the glass and frames of windows.

Window condensation occurs more frequently during the winter months when the average outdoor temperature drops to 35 degrees or less. Maintaining a lower relative indoor humidity will assist in preventing window condensation in colder weather.

Ventilation is also a very effective way to remove excessive moisture from the air which is why old, poorly insulated homes with single glazed windows oftentimes do not have condensation problems. The source of ventilation is the air infiltration around the windows.