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Durable Vinyl Siding

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Vinyl Siding That is Durable

If you want your new siding to be able to stand up to everything from the harshest weather to everyday mishaps, then you want durable insulated vinyl siding. Whether your home is facing hail, high winds or your child's baseball, insulated vinyl siding will keep your home looking like new for years to come!

Traditional vinyl siding is a great product, but it has one obvious flaw: the hollow void between the siding and your home. This void leaves vinyl siding susceptible to damage. 

Insulated vinyl siding solves this problem because the contoured insulation fills the gap between the siding and Insulated Vinyl Sidingyour home. In fact, insulated vinyl siding has 300% greater impact resistance than traditional vinyl siding! The foam acts as a shock absorber, dampening any blows received from objects like hail or rocks thrown from your lawnmower!

For more information about replacing siding with durable, energy efficient siding contact Canton Aluminum.

Watch this video  showing how insulated vinyl siding stands up to a 76 mph ice ball!