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Vinyl Siding Appearance

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Beautiful Vinyl Siding

If you are buying new house siding, consider choosing insulated vinyl siding. The combination of vinyl house siding and siding insulation gives you more design options for your home than ever before. The addition of contoured insulation to vinyl siding provides additional structural strength, helping the siding panel maintain its beautiful appearance after years of exposure to the elements (including the sun). Because of the support that the insulation provides, insulated vinyl siding is available in darker siding colors and wider profiles than traditional vinyl siding!

House Siding

Traditional vinyl siding (left) appears curved while insulated vinyl siding (right) is straight and symmetrical like real wood siding. Watch builder and author Fernando Pages explain how insulated vinyl siding can improve the appearance of your siding in this video.

The siding insulation component will also enhance the appearance of your siding job by leveling out any imperfections in the wall surface behind the siding. This will make the siding appear straighter and more symmetrical.      

Beautiful home designs can't be achieved by choosing siding colors and profiles alone. The trim and accent options you choose for your home complete the look. Choosing insulated accessories will eliminate any hollow spaces where pests can nest, reduce air infiltration and increase the durability of your trim.

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